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Confidential Waste Disposal & Shredding

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Confidential Waste Disposal & Shredding

Protecting personal records is a legal requirement and secure disposal of any data is a key part of this. Shred Alert are a UK wide confidential waste shredding and document storage company offering businesses a professional and cost effective disposal and shredding service to businesses of all sizes.

Commercial Shredding Services

Our confidential waste shredding service is available in a variety of plans or as a one-off collection service. Setting up a regular, scheduled, shredding service can help your business comply with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).  

Shred Alert are accredited to BS EN 15713:2009, which covers all aspects of the secure destruction and interim storage of confidential waste. Under the Data Protection Act, which is now in full force in the UK, businesses are legally required to protect any data they hold regarding their clients or employees.

We provide a range of secure lockable consoles in conjunction with our shredding service, allowing members of staff to securely deposit any confidential materials. All consoles are lockable with only Shred Alert possessing a key, so any sensitive material is completely protected and cannot be accessed. Our team regularly empty your office consoles, removing the hessian bags and your confidential waste and taking it away to our shredding site.

How does GDPR affect my business?

If your business has records on individuals with any personal information such as: names, addresses, bank details, photographs, email addresses, patient records or employment contracts (to name a few), then there is a good chance you need to comply with GDPR.

In addition to this if a patient, an ex-employee or anyone that you may store records about, advises that they want to exercise their right to be forgotten and this has been requested correctly, then your business has one month to erase all of the data relating to that person. You then have to be able to prove you have done this correctly and in accordance with current legislation.

Comply with GDPR with Shred Alert

Shred Alert offer a safe, legal and effective shredding service for all your old records in our state of the art BS EN 15713 approved shredding station. Our competitive pricing structure is set up to fit a range of different sized companies to meet the needs of your confidential waste disposal requirements. We provide a totally free Certificate of Destruction that confirms you have disposed of your records in compliance with GDPR.

Failure to comply with GDPR can be costly so it is worth instructing a professional organisation to take care of your confidential waste disposal. Contact Shred Alert to hear more about our competitively priced shredding costs or to discuss your shredding requirements in more detail.


London Office: 0203 507 1786

Manchester Office: 0161 731 0246

Plans & Pricing

Q: Do you know what 4% of your annual turnover is?

A: The potential penalty if you fall foul of GDPR.